Thanks so much to every one who participated in this campaign.

At the moment  we are 2.35 millions, thanks to the generosity of 450 families.

Still a little bit to go in our Campaign, I am confident that with the help of all we will achieve our Goal.




Renewing Our Faith: St. Martin of Tours Centennial Campaign

St. Martin of Tours is blessed with expansive grounds and a variety of parish and school facilities that allow our parish to grow and thrive. With these facilities comes the responsibility to maintain them, and the opportunity to improve them. After much prayer, discernment, and consultation, St. Martin of Tours is launching an unprecedented effort to provide the resources for a vital investment in these facilities: Renewing Our Faith: St. Martin of Tours Centennial Campaign.

The Renewing Our Faith Campaign projects will include: liturgical and aesthetic renovations to the Church; enhancements to the school learning environment; infrastructural improvements to the form and function of the gym; modernizations and enhanced functionality for the rectory; and additional efforts to maintain a safe, functional and accommodating campus.

All of these projects are shaped by the evolving needs of our parish and rooted in our mission to see Jesus Christ in our lives every day and to spread the Good News of his salvation. With brighter and more inviting facilities, coupled with our excellent school and devoted parish groups, we hope to strengthen and expand our faith community, continuing to build the vibrant parish that you all make up.

Success will require the participation of a united parish – from new parents with children in transitional kindergarten, to our longstanding parishioners who were here to see these facilities built. Please click the links below for more information. If a parish volunteer calls you, please receive their calls warmly as they request a few minutes of your time to discuss the campaign and the opportunities it presents to us as a faith community.

Download  St. Martin of Tours – Campaign Brochure

Download  St. Martin of Tours – Renewing Our Faith – Public Mailer