Fr-SergioI am very happy to be part of the community of Saint Martin’s, and grateful to you all for your words of welcome after Mass this past weekend. I would like to continue here what I started to tell you about myself at the end of those Masses. I do this because I believe that the key to love is knowledge, the knowledge that makes us understand who we are, and what has made us the way we are now, so that, in the end, we can love our brothers and sisters.

I will recount just the most important events of my life. I was born in Argentina, the same year that we landed on the moon. I have the grace to have my mother still alive, but my father passed away when I was young. I have only one older brother, who is a colonel in the Argentinean army. I was ordained a priest in 1993. Since then, I served the Church in different countries. In the Diocese of San Jose, I was stationed very near to St. Martin: I was a parochial vicar at the parishes of Saint Leo the Great and Saint Clare. My last five years were dedicated to the study of Scripture in Rome, where I finished work on a doctorate.

Even though I was born in Argentina, where everybody plays soccer, I love basketball, and tennis; since I was born in a city named Mendoza, near the Andes, I love to snowboard in the winter.

Since I arrived here at St. Martin, I have received only welcoming words and kindness from each one of you. I pray that “the One who began this good work in you will perfect it” (Phil. 1:6).

Fr. Sergio