Finance Commission Members


Adolph Quilici

Betty Carmody

Eric Ramos

George Delucchi

John Tralongo

Michael Kelly

Monica Bumb

Mike Hilberman

Richard Dann

Robert Gorini


Parish Financial Statement

Report of Parish Finances for the Period July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017

Dear Parishioners 

Stewardship is one of the ministry of our parish. For that reason our Financial Council every year reviews the last fiscal year’s records and the annual report, and  forwards it to the Diocese and publishes in our web and in papers copies, making them available to all us you.


Graphics- finances-2016-17

Financial report 2016-2017

This annual review by the Finance Committee included an internal review of the accounting controls in place designed to protect the assets of the Parish, using Diocese of San Jose policies and recommendations.

The internal review found the necessary controls are in place to safeguard Parish assets.

We are very grateful for the continued generosity and support received from each of you.

You also may notice in the weekly bulletin that the collection is double from one Sunday to another, the reason for that is that twice a month we have families who participate in the electronic giving program. I encourage you to consider joining the groups 251 of parishioners who use this service. This method of giving is more efficient as it cuts down on the administrative tasks involved in counting and tracking regular collections. Please contact the Parish office if you would like to join this program.

As always, we appreciate your continue support that gives life to our Parish and allow us to continue to be People Ministering to People.

Sincerely in Christ,



Rev. Sergio Ovando