The Young Adult Ministry is organizing a Lenten Retreat for the entire parish community this year, facilitated by Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity. The two-evening retreat takes place on March 13th and 14th. All are welcome and there is no cost to attend the retreat.

Schedule (for both nights):
6:30-7pm: Hospitality in the Community Bldg.
7-9pm: Retreat in the Church

The retreat program will include music, a talk, contemplative prayer (focused on Lectio Devina) and sharing of experiences. The retreat will provide a sacred space for reflecting on our Lenten and life journey, allowing ourselves to be drawn back to the fulllness of Love that lives, moves and breathes within all. Lectio Devina is a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures in which we are able to discover God who “speaks” to us very personally.

Retreat Theme: The Wilderness Will Bloom (Isaiah 35:1). The wilderness is an image used in our Lenten journey of renewal and preparation for the joy of Easter. Many places in our life and world we experience “the wilderness” but in the wilderness we also experience HOPE. There are so many seeds hidden in the ground that just await the rain for LIFE to spring forth.

Why a parish retreat? We all need to stop now and again to connect with our longings, hopes and desires and to discover the beauty of our life once more. We would like to have time to do this as a parish community. This time of retreat and renewal will help us unfold and deepen our personal relationship with God and with others. The retreat will help us listen to God’s voice in our daily life.