St. Martin’s Parish welcomes all children and youth, baptized or not, to participate in our catechetical and youth ministry programs.

Here is some information about our after-school catechetical and youth ministry programs for grades 1-12:

  • Children’s Catechetical Ministry (CCM) Grades 1- 5: Catechesis is on Thursday afternoons, 4:00p.m. – 5:15p.m. from September through May in the school building. We utilize Loyola Press’ Finding God faith formation program for our elementary age children.  All are welcome, so we hope to see you!

  • The EDGE Middle School Youth Ministry Grades 6- 8: the EDGE meets Tuesday evenings, 5:00p.m. – 6:30p.m. from September through May in the Community Building. We utilize Life Teen International’s program for middle school youth ministry in order to have engaging, fun, and relevant catechesis for our middle schoolers. Our EDGE Kick-off is Sunday Sept. 23rd! Click link above for details.

  • Life Teen High School Youth Ministry Grades 9-12:  Life Teen meets Sunday evenings after the 6pm Youth Mass from 7:00p.m.- 8:00p.m. from September through May in the Bailey House. We utilize Life Teen International as our high school youth ministry resource. It is based on the USCCB’s doctrinal guidelines for high school catechesis. We also have catechetical, issue and social gatherings (called Life Nights). Our Life Teen Kick-off Sunday Sept. 23rd! Click link above for details.

Children/Youth with Special Needs: Depending on the need, most can attend regular class. A home study program is also an option. Please contact the Director of Faith Formation regarding the specific needs of your child/youth.

Participants in the program need to register anew each Fall. Registration forms are available in the Catechetical Office or in the entryways of the Church.

  • Catechetical Ministry's Role
  • Parent's Role
  • Child's/Youth's Role

Neither family nor parish bears the total responsibility for nurturing faith growth. Effective ministry with families involves building a partnership between the parish church and the home church, which focuses on the unique responsibilities that each has in promoting faith growth.

The role of the Catechetical Ministry Office at St. Martin’s Parish is to live and share the faith story of Jesus Christ in the following ways:

  • Provide a safe and positive environment.
  • Maintain open communication between the parish and home.
  • Treat families as partners in ministry by affirming the role of parents in transmitting Catholic Christian faith.
  • Sponsor parent education sessions which offer training of new skills and ideas so that parents may discover their mission, unique gifts and strengths.
  • Involve the family in the sacramental preparation of individual family members by holding family session that encourage parent participation in educational meetings, social gatherings, and celebrations.
  • Respect the individual and cultural differences among families.
  • Respond flexibly to family needs by offering a variety of programs, activities and strategies.
  • Reach out to families by offering programs, services and resources for families at home or in home-like settings. Empower parents and the entire family family to share faith at home.

Parent’s Role

As partners in the faith development of our families, our staff is eager to work with parents/guardians to help families share, celebrate and live the Catholic faith at home and in the world. We ask each parent’s cooperation in the following ways:CCM-Advent-Faire

  • Celebrate Sunday Mass regularly with your children/youth. (Go to Mass Times for the schedule.)
  • Participate actively in the sacramental and community life of the parish.
  • Share you faith and what it means to you with your children/youth.
  • Pray with your children/youth and help them memorize the traditional prayers of the Church.
  • Attend all parent meetings.
  • Familiarize yourself with scheduled catechetical sessions and events for your children/youth.
  • Read and act promptly on all communications from the Catechetical Ministry Office.
  • Assure punctual and regular attendance at all sessions.


Child’s/Youth’s Role

Children/youth also have a responsibility to cooperate in order to benefit from the catechetical sessions at St. Martin’s Parish. They are expected to:

  • Be respectful of the catechist and other children/youth.
  • Listen carefully, follow directions and participate in the session activites.
  • Complete home assignments.
  • Follow attendance, emergency and safety procedures, and discipline policies.
  • Share what they have learned and experienced in their catechetical sessions with their parents and families.