The Ministry of Hospitality
  • Ushers
  • Greeters

Ushers, first and most importantly, warmly greet those who come to our church, creating an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness in which the celebration can unfold. They help in the seating of the assembly, introduce strangers to some community members, and greet late-comers, comfortably and gracefully incorporating them into the body of worshippers.Lit-Usher

Ushers receive the gifts of the community in the collection making it a part of the liturgical action. They assist in the flow of communicants to and from the altar and stand ready to serve the community as particular needs arise.

They serve as a communication link in the community by passing out announcements and bulletins and, in a sense, bid farewell to the worshippers until they gather again.

To be an usher, then, is to be a person of service and to help others in the spirit of celebration. The ministry of usher is vital to the heart and the soul of the worshipping community.

The Coordinator of Ushers in our parish is Bjorn Remo. For more information about this ministry, please contact the Liturgy Office at (408) 294-8953 ext. 322.

Greeters are members of the community who help to ensure that all Jonathan.smallwho come will feel a sense of welcome, the welcome that Christ extends to all and that we, as a community, wish to extend to each person as they arrive. Not only is Christ the host as we gather, but we also welcome Christ, in the members of Christ’s body, who gather together in worship.

However, this is not a ministry which can be so easily confined to greeters alone. It is the ministry of all of us, by virtue of our baptism, to be this welcoming presence. Furthermore, all the liturgical ministries share in this ministry, in their invitation to worship. Even the church building itself can be either welcoming or inhospitable. And beyond the walls of the building, we go forth to give witness in our lives to what we believe and celebrate.

For more information about serving as an usher or greeter at Mass, please contact the Liturgy Office at (408) 294-8953 ext. 322 or speak with one of our ushers before or after Mass.