Dear St. Martin Community,
First, I take this opportunity to deeply thank you for your prayers and condolences during my family’s loss and grief on the passing on of my brother, Ger- man. Thank you for making the presence of the Lord very much felt through your spiritual consolation.
This 22nd Sunday, the Readings invite us to check our heart: do we render God lip service or heart ser- vice?
The Readings suggest—God is not pleased with just lip service. God gives primacy to heart service. Bibli- cally, the heart is the totality of a person.
Jesus criticizes the Scribes and Pharisees—they ob- serve the law but the heart corrupt; preoccupied with ritual of the hands than the ritual of the heart.
As we gather in worship, what is the quality of our heart?
It is said that a presence without a heart is a fireplace without a fire. A presence without a heart is only lip service.
We pray that our heart is “pure and undefiled before God and Father” (cf. 2nd Reading).
-Fr. Gener Geronimo