Dear Parishioners,

Autumn or Fall is a time of change—a time of transition. Fall is a season of life. Autumn affects inevitably our outward environment, our moods, our dress and even our activities. It’s a season when the weather gets cooler, and we begin to bring out our stored awaysweaters and shawls. Fall is inevitably a time of change.

We will see it all around us as we pass through Autumn. The changes are beautiful and vibrant, but we also seesigns of decay and death. If we have lost people in ourlives, Fall is a time of remembrance—it is a time webecome more aware of their absence.

Autumn tells us that summer is over, and a chapter isending. But Autumn also reminds us that it is also atime of new beginnings. There is a spirit of hope for it isalso a time of abundance and harvest.

When we are given new beginnings, we are given opportunities to change and change for the better. Autumn invites us to go inwardly. It means to make ourselves ready for something brand new to happen in our lives. And so let us not deprive ourselves of the grace to stop and watch and make the most of what Autumnbrings into our lives. God is at work—creatingsomething new for us. God has a plan. New life is onthe way.

During this season, if you are facing changes or transitions,either outwardly and inwardly, I invite you to allow those changes and transitions speak to your heart.Pray through them. Take time to reflect on them. For itis especially during this season of change and transitionthat you are becoming just what God hoped you would be.

May the God of all our Seasons be with you!

Fr. Generoso Geronimo