Do we really see?

This Sunday’s gospel reading carries a clear message: Open your eyes and see! The experience of the blind man who was given sight by Jesus is an example of the things only God’s grace can accomplish, things we cannot do.  The gospel today gives consideration of our ability to see. Perhaps, you will say that we can see perfectly, but do we really? I believe that we do not have a problem seeing ourselves or the world around us, but do we truly see reality?

The challenge of the gospel is to perceive how we really are, with both our virtues and our flaws.  There are some problems in our vision: we see only the good and we deny that there may be anything else in us or in society; or we can be guilty of having a vision of the entire world, ourselves included, as evil or wrong. In the first case, we are naïve, and in the second, we are pessimists.

The Christian vision of the world is that nothing is perfect, and everyone needs the salvation offered to us by God. The Christian vision is that, while there are many things wrong in the word, there is still hope, and that hope is in God because God can change us!

In today’s gospel passage, in which Jesus cures the blind man, he imparted to him not only the ability to see the world that he could not previously see, but he (Jesus) also opened his eyes to another world, a world of faith. He was given both sight and insight.  The world of faith does not deny the reality of the world in which we live, but it changes our perception and the way we relate to it. For example, faith does not diminish the suffering of the sick person, but it has the power to transform us, giving us the knowledge that the one who is suffering is our brother or sister, and that changes every thing…  In the end, what Jesus gives us when he touches our eyes, is the capacity not to be indifferent to that world for which Jesus himself died.

We believe that God is with us, that God is present in this world, but we have difficulties seeing him. It is He who will help us to see with his light, giving a vibrant vision to us and to our world, because He is the Light of the world.


-Fr. Sergio