Christ is risen!

Long time ago I read this reflection from St. Maximus of Turin, and I think his words capture the meaning of Easter Christ is risen! And He has renewed the earth through the members of his Church now born again in baptism, and has made it blossom afresh with men brought back to life. His Holy Spirit has unlocked the doors of heaven, which stand wide open to receive those who rise up from the earth.

Because of Christ’s resurrection the thief ascends to paradise, the bodies of the blessed enter the holy city, and the dead are restored to the company of the living. There is an upward movement in the whole of creation, each element raising itself to something higher. Christ is risen! His rising brings life to the dead, forgiveness to sinners, and glory to the saints. Because of that we all need to Rejoice and be glad, he cries, on this day which the Lord has made. The light of Christ is an endless day that knows no night.

The mystery of the resurrection, which we celebrate today give us hope and understanding that our Lord has not abandon us, He with his resurrection is calling us out, to live, to live the fullness of life. With his resurrection Jesus show us that even when we face difficult times, suffering struggles, and even death itself, that is not the end, because it is God Who has the final word, death is not the end, the end is resurrection, life. Every thing that we believe is fund in the mystery of the resurrection, and at the same time give us strength, for that reason it is so important for us, and became the center of all our life as a church.

That is why we gather not any day but the day of the Lord resurrection, every Sunday we gather to celebrate this mystery that today celebrate in special


Jesus many times repeat the phrase: I came that you may have life and that you may have it abundantly. (Cf. Jn 10:10). The whole existence of Jesus from the moment of his conception has only one goal that is to give us life, which He conquered with his death and resurrection in order to give it to us. It is up to us to take, to received to live it in its fullness.

That is the real meaning of Easter, to be conscientious of the light that overcome darkness, and the life that has victory over that, the light and life of Jesus, that has being given to us.

Happy Easter! Means to live the life that Jesus has given to us in its fullness.

-Fr. Sergio