Christ is Risen!!!

This is the message of this Easter Sunday: that our Lord Who was dead is now alive; death no longer has power over him! This is a message full of meaning, for it is the completion of the message of Jesus, yet this end is the beginning of life for each of us.

What do we with this message, this wonderful news? Do we transmit it? Do we live it? Jesus rose from the dead so that each one of us will have life and have it abundantly, and we will also have the understanding that just as death is not the end of Jesus’ life, neither is it the end of our lives.

Every single step in the life of Jesus took Him closer to the moment of His death, but that is not his end, for He walks beyond death, and has changed the destiny of all humanity.   He gives us hope that if we died with Him we will rise with Him (cf. Rm 6:8).

Christian life is the life of a risen people. I am not referring here only to our resurrection after death. As risen people, we live in hope even now that life is more than suffering, more than death, and that we will live, no matter what.

The Greek word for resurrection is anástasis (from aná, “up, again” and hístēmi, “to stand”) – literally, “to stand up” (or “to stand again”), referring to physical resurrection (of the body). However, it represents the way we should live, standing up at every single moment, facing difficulties, yes, but standing up in the company of the One Who conquered death and stands up always, living now for ever.

This is why our message that Jesus is risen is joyful: because we live in the certainty that the life that Jesus gives through His resurrection is the face of a God who is alive, in the world, in his Church, and also in each of us.

The world makes known our God Who is alive; the Church with His presence and message of hope proclaims the identity of God Who died but rose to life forever. Each one of us should have such life that we will reflect the life that Jesus has, a life that gives itself, for others without losing his own, but sharing that eternal life that Jesus gained for us.

May you find in the life of the Risen Christ your own life, your strength, and a way of life that transcends our human lives. That is my prayer and my wish for you all.

Happy Easter, and may the Risen Lord fill your hearts with the peace that His Resurrection brought to the world.


Fr. Sergio