Christ the King


Many of us will find it difficult to link the idea of a King or Queen with our thoughts on who Jesus is for us.  This is because of our understanding of royals as people who possess great power.

Jesus as King does not fit our notion of a powerful leader.  In these days, it is necessary to reaffirm just what kind of King Jesus is. In Europe and in other places in the world, Kings and Queens still reign; they do so because of their birthright; it is not because of their own merit, for they were born to rule.  Jesus shares with them that quality, for He is King by right.

In the past, “the best” of a society rose to positions of leadership. It is the same with Jesus, for among all of the people it the world, He is the Perfect Person, and because of this, He is the natural choice for King.  Just as some leaders arrived at that position after great effort, Jesus was victorious through His life, death, and resurrection.

We know from the gospels that Jesus refused the title of King, because those who wanted to proclaim Him as such were doing so in a political sense. They wanted Jesus to be like “kings of the nations” (cf. Matthew 20:24). Instead, during his Passion, Jesus took upon himself a singular regal nature before Pilate, who asked him: “Are you a king?” To which Jesus replied: “You say I am a king” (John 18:37); but shortly before this, he declared: “My kingdom is not one of this world” (John 18:36). The royalty of Christ, in fact, is the revelation and accomplishment of God the Father, who governs all things with love and justice.

We realize that Jesus was born to be king, that He is best qualified, and He deserves to be king because of his life. What is unsure is whether we will accept the Lord as OUR king.  And this, no one can force us to do.

The Reign of God is not a question of honors and appearances, but as Saint Paul writes, it is “justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 4:17). The Lord takes our welfare to heart, so that every person might have life, and especially that the “smallest” of God’s children might join in the banquet that God has prepared for all.  As King, Jesus is the servant of all; He is the One who gave Himself up for the well-being of all people.  He is the best – the ideal leader – we can ever have.  It is ours to accept Jesus as our King, as the One to whom we will listen above all. We follow Jesus; we imitate Him. The Lord does not share this with others who lead us. Jesus is unique among all of them in that his example guides us in the way we live our lives

One of the great differences between Jesus and other leaders is that He does not need to be elected by a majority. He needs only to be chosen by you! Chosen only by you, He becomes your King, One who leads and serves, the One who always keeps His promises.

In these challenging moments for our nation, we need to hold on to something more substantial, we need to look to a Leader who is beyond hatred and divisions; we need to look to and accept Jesus who unite us in justice, love and peace.