Dear St. Martin Community,

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus values the commitment of life’s promises in marriage, and compassion for people whose marriages have broken up.

Then, this is followed by a comment about children—that they should come to him—to Jesus. We know that one of the first to suffer a breakdown of commitment are the children, not only the children per se but also the child inside each of us—the child of God that we all are. This simply tells us that Jesus invites each “child of God” suffering through a breakdown of commitment to come to him, be welcomed in to his loving embrace and be blessed by him. Jesus is reaching out to people who are in diffi- cult personal situations especially those who are experiencing a breakdown in family relationship.

The Church in many ways has reached out to every family. Pope Francis has encouraged families “to keep doors of communication always open,” which is the way towards greater love and healing, and allowing Jesus to be part of every aspect of life. Let us keep lines of communication open with every member of our families.

One of the lines of communication is prayer. October is called the month of the Holy Rosary. The Rosary is a prayer of every home, of every family. “The family that prays together, stays together.” Let this be a program for every family during this month.

Fr. Generoso Geronimo