Construction, remodeling, changes…

If you have been to Saint Martin’s recently, you know that we are now working on remodeling the interior of the church, as we have just done with the rectory. Our recent Capital Campaign has funded both of these projects. Thank you for your generous support of the Campaign.

As I was thinking about these changes and improvements, I also began to reflect upon the idea of improvements – not in buildings – but in each one of us. God calls us to perfection, but we know that the perfect belongs only to God. So as we work toward perfection, we are not there yet. This means that as we change and move and, if we work toward that perfection, we will look continually for personal improvements.

One of the greatest challenges we have is that we can be comfortable with ourselves; this does not give us the impetus for improvement. If we stop along the spiritual path, we are actually moving backwards.

There is always room for improvement in every one of us, but sometimes we deny this because we do not want to be inconvenienced. Can we be better? Yes, we can! But our desire to became better persons, better Catholics, cannot be just a desire: it is an obligation that we have to God, to the people we love and to ourselves.

Is it easy to work on our lives in this way? Of course not, it is uncomfortable, just as it is uncomfortable for us to be in our church building during this time of construction. However, with a view to the final result, we understand and accept the present circumstances.

Sometimes we need to pursue change in our lives, not because our present situation is a bad one, but because we want to become better, more than we presently are. When I speak to some people about confession and the spiritual life, they say: “I don’t steal, I don’t kill, I am fine.” The truth is that not doing bad things does not make us good; it is just that we are not necessarily bad, but we may still be far from the good, or even from the better.

Please take some time to reflect on your lives, to see what things you can improve, the areas where there is room for growth. Ask yourselves if your relationship with God can be improved and if there is a need also to better your relationships with family, friends and coworkers.

What do you want to do for others that you have not yet done? You are temples of God, and you have to look at that temple that each of us is and see how you can make that temple a better place where the Lord lives in you.

– Fr. Sergio