« Do this in remembrance of me » (1 Cor. 11 :24- 25) are the words that Jesus said to his disciples and the words that the priest says in the Mass to all the faithful.

What exactly should we do?

Take the bread, break it and give it. There are 3 actions that we need to follow.

To take..

Of all the things we have, there is one thing that we need to take, like Jesus did, and that is take our lives. What exactly does it mean to take our lives? It means to handle our life and to take possession of our own lives because that is the only way we can do something with it and also give it. There a rule in philosophy: “no one gives what he doesn’t have”. This is the first thing we should do: work hard to have possession of our- self, don’t allow public opinion, sin, or any other thing to take control over our lives.

To Break…

The gospel is clear when it presents Jesus and the breaking of the bread. It is not possible to share without breaking it just as resurrection is not possible without death. The sacrifice that Jesus did was in order to obtain salvation for others. All faithful are called to follow in his foot- steps. Maybe the image of the pelican as a symbol of Christ who breaks himself to give him- self to others will help us to understand the meaning of breaking. In the end, it is the per- son who puts others first, who helps, who serves. And in order to do all those things, there needs to be a sacrifice, a self-denial.

To give…

This is the final reason of the previous action. To take control or our life, to do sacrifices, and to have great value when we are doing that for others. Every posses

Eucharist. If we are doing this with conviction, the remembrance of Jesus is not something immanent, but transcendent, which means that it doesn’t finish with us, but goes out of ourselves and touches the lives of others. In the same way that Jesus took his body, broke it and gave it to us that we will be saved, and our life will be transformed.

-Fr. Sergio