The epiphany is to revel something that is hidden, the glory of God hid in a new born child. This revelation is to help us in this world to see God in our lives.

The intention of God’s revelation to us is to give us knowledge about himself. God shows himself to us in different ways.  It is up to us to understand what that knowledge is for. Sometimes people cannot see if and they remain the same. Other times people see if and react.  It is how we react or respond to the manifestation of God that makes us who we are: believers.

In the gospel, we have two different reactions towards God who manifested himself. First, the Magi who “saw his star at its rising and … do him homage”. They understood their call after they saw it and that call was to worship, to do homage, the honor due only to God. Of all those who possibly have seen the star, only they are the ones who can see something more than a star.  They represent the believers who see signs of the Lord’s presence in the world and are able to answer.

There are many people who are longing for God.  Sometimes they struggles to see the signs.  Sometimes we ourselves in some moments in our life also struggle but we all are looking and longing for God.  For that reason, all of us who believe need to help those in need to see and answer.

There is also another entirely different reaction. That is the one from  King Herod who has knowledge that produces confusion, fear and worries. When King Herod heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. The signs of God should never produce fear but joy, never confusion but clarity, peace instead of worries. For Herod, all this is found in the prejudice that Jesus came to take away and not to give. That fear makes him do atrocious things.

While the Magi are able to worship, Herod is not because he could not or would not change his own way of looking at things. He did not want to stop worshiping himself, believing that everything revolved around him.  When we pay more attention to ourselves than to the things around us, we have a false appreciation of the rest of the world.  And those around him could not help him to see that because they wanted to please him, and to show him the truth; eternal flatterers who don’t care about the truth.

God manifests himself in this world for all who walk the journey of longing.  Like the Magi, we should see him and use that knowledge to worship him.  Worshiping him will transform our life and the life of others in order that what the psalms sings: all the nation will worship him, will be fulfill.

As we pray together, we ask the Lord to continue to guide us in this journey and to see Him in this world because of his presence as we worship with Him and in our lives.