Faith and doubts

In the middle of the trials of our life, our faith is tested. That is the idea behind Peter walking on water. The apostle certainly had faith, as we have, but at this moment his faith is not yet solid because he has doubts.

We, people of faith, also have doubts. Sometimes our doubts are intellectual, other times existential. Sometimes we have doubts because of a lack of understanding of Jesus teachings, or of the way to live according to His gospel. Doubts that could be understood, but that also have answers if we applied ourselves to find them.

The gospel however presents another kind of doubt. It is to doubt the action of Jesus in our lives. Even though we believe, one element is missing, that John Paul II called: “essential” and is the “Complete abandonment to Christ, total trust in him at the moment of great trial”. That is what lacks in Peter and sometimes also in us. To believe that He is in charge of our lives.
“Christ freed Peter from the fear which had seized him on the stormy lake. Christ enables us too to overcome the difficult moments in life, if with faith and hope we turn to him and ask his help. ‘Take heart, it is I; have no fear’ (Mt 14:27)”. (JP II).

One of the challenges that we face is to be used to controlling all the events of our lives, and when something comes up that is out of our control, then… we struggle.

Peter first is scared because of the storm that is out of his hands. Later they are scared because they see things that they cannot understand. When the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified. “It is a ghost,” they said. Finally, Peter was walking on waters… But when he saw how strong the wind was, he became frightened; he thought that the power of the wind was more than the power of the one who made him walk on water.

These are the same forms of fear we experience in our life, the fear of the natural things that we cannot control; the fear of we cannot understand, and finally the fear that appears when we lose focus in Jesus, and we pay too much attention to the other things that they may seem powerful, but that never will be more powerful than Jesus.

Our faith might be tested, but if we put our eyes in Jesus, we can overcome any kind of difficulties because of our faith in him, since in him we can do everything. (cf. Phil. 4:13).

-Fr. Sergio