Among the images of God, the image of God as Father is one of the most beloved. This Sunday, as we remember our own fathers, the ones who gave us life, remember also the One to whom you pray, the One who gives life to all that exists. But not only remember them, give thanks to both, and although words are the expression of the heart, deeds speak more than a thousand words.

Our Father in heaven gave us the commandment: honor your father… Today is a good opportunity to think how we can honor them, what we can do to honor our earthly and heavenly fathers.

It is not through our economic successes that we honor them, even though our fathers rejoice in that success. Though we might have security, that security does not honor our fathers. Sometimes I think we can show them respect in what we can do for them, but doing so is not always honorific. In the end, it is not a matter of words, but of deeds, the way that we live. In simple things, your father will point to you and he will say or think this is my son. . .my daughter.

We honor our fathers when they look at us and smile, a smile of pride, because we are their son or daughter. When you pause and think about your life, and wish that your own children would be like you, then you are honoring your father.

Remember that each one of us represents our father. We carry/carried his name; and so, through us, they continue to exist in the world. As Christians, each of us also bears the name of our heavenly Father and we are His image, His presence here on earth.

Happy Father’s Day, all blessings for your fathers who are living. I will keep in my prayers your fathers who are with our Father in heaven, from where they still care, love and protect us.