For 100 years people like you have beenworking in this parish, making this parish what it is today. To all of you who now are part of St. Martin’s, I would like to expressmy gratitude for making this Centennial
Celebration special. The Mass was wonder-ful, seeing all of you gather togetheraround the altar, united in the same faith. The banquet and the history of our parish represented all those who in some
moment of time were part of this community. Thanks to them we are where we are now. Thanks to you, many after us will continue to be one community of faith, a parish of People Ministering to People.
Many thanks for your dedication to this parish, to this family and to this community that we all love and call Saint Martin. I am very honored to be your pastor. You are a great community. I believe that in the same way people before us had done great things, we are also called to greatness in the present time. Every person has different talents, and each one of them is necessary to build a community. For that reason I am asking
you, please use your talents in the service of others. As today’s Gospel mentions, we have to see our talents, and this community and each one of you have many. It is time to ask ourselves what are we doing with them and if we are making our talents fruitful. How can we use our talents better for the good of all.

– Fr. Sergio