There is a priest with silver hair and a great smile who says the early Mass each Sunday. A man of God, a man of his people. He has for many years given to others the best of himself. Like a good Jesuit father, he will do everything for the major glory of God. (AMDG).

What Fr. Bob has done here in St. Martin’s is just a little part of what he has done for the community of San Jose and for the whole church in the world. And there are no words to express how much we appreciate his service, his devo- tion, and his example.

You know that his Masses and Homilies are short, but his work is lifelong. He has in him an example that to mark the life of others, we don’t need too many words, but we need the right ones. There are a few words that will remain with us from him. He continually repeats: “keep up the good work”. Ironically, he is the one who is doing the good work and has being doing it for many years. For that we are grate- ful.

For those who know him from Bellarmine, you will remember when he use to run, later jog, and now walks, and in every lap he will cry out “Go Bells”. I wish and pray the each one of us always has his enthusiasm, his spirit of understanding and his dedication.

Thanks, Fr. Bob, for all you have done for St. Martin’s community and for your example of consecration to God and to others… May the Lord continue to bless you and the life of every one you have touched. He shows us that: Being a disciple means being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place: on the street, in a city square, during work, on a journey. (Evangelii Gaudium, “The Joy of the Gospel”.127)

-Fr. Sergio