Give Thanks

The time to give thanks has arrived. And we should raise our prayer to God in thanksgiving for His gifts. Some of them are easy to understand and appreciate; others, it takes time to recognize their value, but everything is part of our lives.

When you sit at the table to share your meal with your family, pray – giving thanks for the gifts of home, friends and family, and remember those who do not have the things that we have and sometimes take for granted.

Among all the gifts we have received, we should look to the most wonderful gift given, not only to us but to all human beings: Jesus, He is our gift, and in Him is every thing.
Looking to our own lives, we should see how all that has happened to us has led us to the present moment, to become who we are today.

I give thanks for each one of you; you are the gift from God to us here at Saint Martin. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here is little prayer that you may use at Thanksgiving.

In thanksgiving for all that you have given to our family… We thank you Lord.
In Thanksgiving for the freedom we experience as Americans… We thank you, Father.
In thanksgiving for each one of our friends… We thank you , Father.
In thanksgiving for each member of our family… We thank you, Father.
In gratitude for our Thanksgiving dinner and for those who have prepared it… We thank you, Father.
(Pause for any other petitions. The children should be given an opportunity here to form their own petitions.)
Closing Prayer:
Loving Father, on this Thanksgiving Day we pause to remember how grateful we are to you for our home, our clothes, our friendship and this food. We know that throughout the world there are other families like ours who do not have good and nourishing food.
We promise to help those who are in need of compassion in our own community. We promise to work for justice in our own country and throughout the world.
Loving Father, on this Thanksgiving day we thank you for all that you have given us. Sanctify our efforts to bring peace and justice to our world as we ask you to bless this food which we receive gratefully in the Name of Jesus, Our Lord.
(all) Amen.
Fr. Sergio