St. Martin Parish Community turns 100 in 2014. The kickoff dinner on the occasion of the feast of our patron, St. Martin on Saturday after 5.00 PM Mass marks the beginning of the yearlong Centennial celebration.

We are celebrating 100 years of a vision that became a mission. We are celebrating 100 years of service – of our participation as a community in the downward movement of God. This participation is succinctly expressed in our motto: People Ministering to People. And then, of course, we are celebration each of you. Your contribution and your being part of this community is what makes St. Martin what it is.

It is an opportunity for us to investigate personalities, milestones, historical events, fascinating developments, evolutions and revolutions and interesting-yet-difficult changes. The goal of the investigation is to recognize the saving hand of God, His pedagogical guidance and to thank Him for shepherding us “beyond our wants, our fears”.

That being said, it is not a time to be complacent. The Centennial celebration challenges us to grow toward God and others and not to hibernate in the frozen sleep of tradition and familiarity. As St. Paul says, we are called to grow until “we attain to the full height of the stature of Christ.” (Eph. 4:13) We shall not settle down for anything less that this.

I can’t find better words than those of the Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjold to say to the Lord: TO ALL THAT HAS BEEN, THANKS AND TO ALL THAT WILL BE, YES.

Happy 100th Birthday, St. Martin!

Fr. Abe