Dear Friends,

This weekend’s first reading personifies wisdom. Wisdom has set a table and invites all to “turn in here”. The “wine and “food” are the wise sayings, the spirit of the relationship with God which will result in deeper understanding and liveliness.

This “food” and the “wine” are meant to resist the normal manners by which the foolish feed themselves. The foolish may feed themselves on vengeance, greed, and other unsatisfying base energies. The “table” is set by wisdom for those who want to eat more of the goodness of life. They reverse the reader and turn her or his mind towards heartful rather than headful luncheons. Today’s Gospel also invites us to feed on the life giving bread of life.

A true pastor’s and spiritual leader’s role is to provide good food for the spiritual nourish- ment of the community. With this realization in mind and in line with the pastoral plan formulated a couple of years ago by St. Martin’s parish, the need to form a Spiritual Formation Council was felt.

The purpose of Spirituality Formation Council will be to vision adult faith formation beyond Sacramental preparation. The Council will facilitate and provide opportunities for the parish community to learn and discover lifegiving spiritual habits that lead us into a deeper rela- tionship with God and others.

Activities of the Council may include but not limited to retreats, parish missions, reflections by the laity during Advent and Lent, bulletin thoughts, Taize, study session for adults on various Church documents and books, providing techniques to parents to walk with children and teens in their faith journey, teaching methods of prayer usable in busy life and so on.

Eighteen members of the community met last Sunday with the intention of forming the council and to formulate plans. Please keep the team and the process in your prayers. My hope and prayer that this Council will address the need to feed the adults in their spiritual hunger beyond Sunday Mass.

Requesting your prayers,

Fr Saj