Holy Week

Every one goes to Mass on Easter, but some- thing is missing if we don’t participate in the whole triumph. A very large part of being a Catholic Christian involves observing the Triduum each year. The Triduum is the center and summit of our liturgical year.

In a few months, we will start to participate in graduations. What a great experience it is to see some one graduate. But more fulfilling is to know the person who graduates, to know the sacrifice that parents have made, to understand how difficult it was to pass all those tests, to know about nights without sleep studying for finals… etc. Without this knowledge, graduation is a nice celebration but incomplete.

In a similar way, our participation in the Easter Mass will give us the understanding of the triumph of Jesus over death. But all the things that happened to arrive to that moment are absent even though we know them. We need to participate in those moments that the church wonderfully presents to us in The Easter Triduum which bespeaks of mercy, be- cause it visibly renders the point that God’s love can reach.

The commemoration of the Last Supper of the Lord, His passion and His death will help us to understand the mystery of God’s love for us. That is not just one moment, but every single moment that leads to that one.

We should participate in the Mass of Commemoration of the Last Supper on Holy Thurs- day with the Washing of the Feet and the Passion of the Lord on Friday, the only day in the whole year where there is no mass. And every Catholic person should at least once in their life participate in the Easter Vigil, with the Ceremony of the Fire, the singing in the Easter Proclamation and the Prayer in Darkness in the church expecting the light that comes with the Resurrection of the Lord, the Blessing of the Water, and the Baptism of the Catechumens.

The Holy Father said the “Mystery we adore in this Holy Week is a great story of love that knows no obstacles. Jesus’ Passion lasts until the end of the world, because it is a story of sharing with the sufferings of the whole of humanity and a permanent presence in the events of the personal life of each one of us.

In sum, the Easter Triduum is the memorial of a drama of love that gives us the certainty that we will never be abandoned in life’s trials.”
It is the participation in all these moments that help us to understand “the moment” of the resurrection and the gift of the new life in Christ. Holy Week invites us to participate in the time- less Paschal Mystery, the saving of life, suffering, passion, death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

-Fr. Sergio