Dear Friends,

I read an article sometime ago in Huff Post by Joan E Childs that stayed with me for a long time. In the article she asks a very basic question, “Human being vs Human doing: which one are you?”

According to the author, there is something scary about a baby who knows how to navigate a computer at eight months of age and prefers playing with it over her new doll. There’s something scarier when a 10-year-old doesn’t give you eye contact, when coming into her home with gifts for her birthday, because she’s staring at her mobile phone.

From my own personal experience, I can honestly say that I have met many parents who fill their children’s life with countless activities to turn them to “human doings.”

“Human beings” -that is what God created us to be. That is a way of being in relationships, building communion and community.  However, when we morph ourselves into a new species called “human doings,” we get restless, frustrated, worried and anxiety stricken busy doers without any grounding or depth. “Human doings” define life by activity, just like a machine.

Jesus did not want his disciples to be “human doings.” He told them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.”  He wanted them to invest in relationship with God and each other. When the people came looking for them, they went  back into action. However, it was out of compassion.  Compassion is the hallmark of “human being” which “human doings” miss.

Shepherds, leaders, parents, teachers, and mentors become their best when they are “human beings.”

Again, the ultimate question is “human being”or “human doing,” which one are you?

Praying for God’s blessing on all of us,

Fr Saj