Saint Martin’s community and many other parishes and individuals were blessed by Rose’s smile. For a while, we shared the gift of her many years among us. Now she lives forever in the House of the Father.

I thought it would be appropriate to memorialize Rose. There are people who are bearers of a special gift; for Rose, this was her kindness. Our Rose, like the perfumed flower, was a pleasing presence to all of the parish activities in which she participated. Her kind smile was able to bring light to all she met.

I hope and pray that each one of us who remembers Rose will imitate her life. That is precisely why God gives us persons like Rose, to be an inspiration to all of us. I believe that each person has a special mission, and fulfilling that mission is how he or she gives testimony to the presence of God among us. We need testimonies like hers in these times in which we live. They remind us that, in the end, love overcomes all things, even death, because her deeds are not dead but alive before us and before the Lord.

There is an affirmation, which she already heard from the Lord: I was sick and you visited me… Rose showed such wonderful love for those in need. For her, the ill were not just anonymous persons, but bothers and sisters in the Lord, and Rose showed them the face of our Lord and His kindness.

Our Rose continues now to see what she always saw when she was among us: the face of God, but no longer in her suffering sisters and brothers, for now she beholds the face of God Himself.

I pray and I hope that all who were touched by the kindness of Rose Frankina will be inspired by her life to be also the hands of God in this world and the face of God for all in need.

Our condolences to the family especially to Joe Frankina, since I try to remember but I don’t remember a moment in which I saw Joe, that Rose was not at his side, or Rose and Joe with her. To All remember that Love is stronger than death.