When Jesus spoke about John the Baptist, he said that among those born of women there is not one greater than John.  In such a manner, John was great and many in his time thought that He might be the Messiah.

However, about his greatness, he understood that he was the messenger, a voice. He knew and understood that none of those things were important. They were merely instrumental in the plan of salvation.

The messenger is not important.  It is the message that really matters. The voice can change but what is important is the words given by the voice because “A Christian does not announce himself, he announces another, prepares the way for another: the Lord.” ( Pope Francis).

We are called, like John the Baptist, to be the messengers, the voice of God in this world. We are called to make Him known to all.  It is he, our Lord, whom people should know, not us. We are called to prepare the way for the Lord, to dispose people to be open to receive the message that our God has for each one of us. John was a man who prepared the way for Jesus without taking any of the glory for himself.

John was a man of the desert.  He separated himself from the world of his time in order to give testimony of another world.  It is there in the solitude that he heard and became familiar with God. The strength of John came from the contact with the divine. He proclaimed what he knew and was familiar with.

In every moment, John knows and manifests that he doesn’t count and the only thing that is important is the message.  The only important thing is the person he announces: Jesus. In the middle of the turmoil for Christmas preparation, we may fall in the mistake of thinking that the gifts, the decorations and the cards are the most important thing of the focus of our days when the only thing that is important is Jesus. He is the one who gave reason for all the other things. Forgetting that is to lose the meaning of the things we do.

As we start to walk this time of advent, we need to follow the example of John, preparing the way for the Lord, which means: prepare ourselves, prepare our families and friends to receive Jesus who is the only reason of this season.  In this season, we should let Him grow in the world so that more and more people will receive him, and those who receive him may allow Him to grow in their lives.


-Fr. Sergio