The moment by which the life of the Apostles was transformed is the moment each of them met Jesus; however, that moment was not fulfilled until the day of Pente- cost, the moment when they received the Gift promised by the Messiah.

The lives of Jesus’ disciples changed at that moment, when the Holy Spirit took over their lives and maximized each and every one of their virtues.

The question that arises is this: What ex- actly was changed by the presence of the Holy Spirit?
For the Apostles the Scriptures are clear:

  •  They understand the teachings of Christ.
  •  They are not afraid to share with others theGospel of the Lord.
  •  Their personal lives are enlightened by the Spirit The consequences of these changes are obvious for us today.

Because of their being touched by the Holy Spirit, the faith spread throughout the whole world. They became holy people, and many of them died because of what they be- lieved; they became the first Christian martyrs.

The Holy Spirit is the One who trans- formed the simple people who knew Jesus into the pillars of faith of our Church. God acts in the world through people, but when the Lord wants to transform the world, He works through people who are touched by the Spirit.

Following upon this, we can do many things in the world, but if we really want to transform the world and our lives, we need to be open to the work of the Spirit. First, the Spirit should be received into our own soul, and be- come the best expression of ourselves. If we do this, there is no work that cannot be done, there is no conflict that may not be overcame, because the Holy Spirit conquers all.

One of the problems that we have with the Holy Spirit is precisely the Spirit’s spiritual dimension.

At times, it is easy for us to look and imitate Jesus because of the knowledge we have of Him, but when we try to think about the Spirit, it s a little more difficult.

When Sacred Scriptures speak of the Spirit, there are different meanings. Sometimes it is in relation to the strength of God; in other cir- cumstances, it refers to the life that God gives, but at Pentecost it is God who gives Himself to us. The Gift of the Holy Spirit is God Him- self living within us, respecting who we are. Yet the Lord touches every single expression of ourselves and transforms us into the image that He has in his mind when He looks at us: the holier version of ourselves and the best version of who we can become. Today, when we remember the moment that the Spirt of God touched and transformed the lives of the Apostles, we need to pause and ponder on how present the Spirit is in our lives. How much do we let the Holy Spirit work within our lives and, through us, make the Gospel known to all around us. Do we welcome a new Pentecost?

Fr. Sergio