Merry Christmas,

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

There is much in life for which we are grateful; chief among these is the gift of life itself. Without life, it would be impossible to appreciate, to receive or to give.  Indeed, without life, we could do nothing.  This may be the reason that the day of one’s birth is so important, a day that we remember each year, as we count the many years we have shared the blessings of this life.

Today is the day on which we celebrate the life of the Child who appears to all of us; at the same time, this Child’s life has given us the opportunity to live our own lives to the fullest.

On Christmas Day, the day of Jesus’ Birth, we recognize in Him a Child who is like none other. The life of the Christ Child was because of us and for us.  From the moment He first open His eyes, even from the moment of His conception, Jesus lived for us, for you for me. There are few others who do that for us. Among these would be our parents, whose lives are for us, as our lives are for our parents. Yet there is still something different in our relationship to Jesus.  Yes, the reason He became one of us is for us. The reason of His Birth, His preaching, His miracles, His Death and Resurrection: everything is for us. That is why this day is so important. Because the life of Jesus, the Savior, is only understood in connection with our lives.

The mystery we celebrate today goes even further; it is also necessary to understand who He is, this the Child Who is born for us.  He is not an ordinary child. He is Emmanuel. He is God Himself with us.  This fact is so tremendous and, at the same time, ignored by many. Among all the thing I have learned and among all the people I have heard about, no one can be compared with Jesus; no one is so unselfish, none is both powerful and impotent, rich and poor at the same time. There is no one Who lived and died for us, as Jesus did.

I hope and pray that each one of us will learn to follow Jesus each and every day, and that we will grow in grace as we strive to become more like Him.  Especially at this time when so many in our world are confused (as sometimes we are).  They (and we) need the light that this Child brings to illumine our lives and the paths we travel. And we are all look toward His Peace, which this world so sorely needs.

My wish for a blessed Christmas to all of you carries with it the hope that you will know and understand the reason of this day and, knowing and understanding, each of you will follow the Child born for us that first Christmas.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your families, that you will grow in faith, hope and love. And may the Lord who is with us (Emmanuel) always dwell in your hearts and in your lives.


Fr. Sergio