Most Holy Trinity:  a Mystery of Unity

The mystery of the Holy Trinity, in which unity is so deep that there is only one God, reminds Christians that “we are called to live not without each other, over or against the other, but with one another, and in one another” (Pope Francis).

In the relationship among the Trinity of Persons, union is established by the Love that, being so perfect, is another Person (the Holy Spirit). This love is born from contemplation and appreciation of the other Person. This reality explains the Trinity of Persons that is but one Divine Essence.  It demonstrates in a theological way how among us in our diversity we can lack unity.  Instead, we should find unity in knowledge and appreciation of the other.

The prayer and desire of Jesus for us is very simple: He prayed “that we all be one, just as you, Father, are in me and I am in you (John 17:21).  The problem with unity in the world is that we are not eager to acknowledge, appreciate, love, and forgive others. Following the dynamic of the Most Holy Trinity is the way we work toward unity.

This unity, based on the same principles, should be cultivated in family life and in the life of the Church.  It is precisely in this way that we recover the unity and harmony that humanity first received in creation and lost by original sin. We recover the image of God that is within us.

Unity with others and with God is the lesson that flows from this mystery. Love itself goes out from the inner life of the Trinity to us, creating us, saving us, and giving us a model to follow that is the same Divinity, love, and unity.