Many times in my life, I consider what makes that woman who gave birth to each of us so special. And… many ideas come to my mind.

It is not physical beauty that makes our mothers wonderful, even though for each one of us, our own mother will be always the most beautiful woman in the world.

Some of them are very well educated, others not; knowledge does not make them admired by all. Rather, it is the wisdom that we find in each of them. Wisdom guides them to care for us from the begin- ning and to understand the most complicated stir- rings of the soul and of the body of their children. Some mothers are gifted with talents of voice, mu- sic, art, etc., but this does not make them special; what makes our mothers special is their ability to comfort a child with a touch, or with her voice that stops fighting siblings, or simply with her presence that brings a smile to a child’s face.

The strength to run a marathon (although some of them do) is not what makes mothers strong in our eyes. Their unlimited energy to be awake before their children and long after they fall asleep is the sign of true strength. They have the strength to carry them when they are tired, while never being too tired to smile, to play, to work with their children.

We see that in each mother there is beauty, wis- dom, talent, and strength beyond all telling. There is something in our mothers, something that is not visi- ble, that make them the most wonderful persons in the world: their hearts, hearts capable of loving with- out expecting anything in return, only the certainty that the recipients of their love are safe, well and truly loved.

Some of us will never have an idea of what is in a mother’s heart or know the depth of the suffering of a mother’s love, which is an ocean of feeling that we will never be able to navigate or understand, because the only way to know it is to have a mother’s heart.

What a wonderful gift this is to each of us! What a precious and immeasurable ability we have to love our mothers.

When you look at your mother this weekend and always, remember that in her always will be more than what we see; there will always be more than that person who gave you life, for she is a gift from

God. Please, if you are blessed to still have your mother, look at her and try to see the things that you never notice. Even though we will never be able to love her in the same way we are loved, please show how much you love the most wonderful woman in your life: your mother.

For those of us whose mothers live in the house of the Father, look to your heart and you will continue to experience her love, because a mother’s love never dies. Smile then, because from heaven she continues to care for you, and her love will never cease, her heart will never stop loving her children.

Happy Mother’s Day!

-Fr. Sergio