My mother: Hortensia Roa de Ovando.

Thank you for your prayers and support in this time of grief.

Most of you did not have the opportunity to meet my mother. While there are many things I could share with you about her, all of them taken together would never give you a complete picture of the person who was my mother. Even the people who had the opportunity to know her could never appreciate that, which only her sons can know: the face of a mother.

Well let me tell you this: my mother loved me since the moment I started to exist! This may not be news to you, because all the mothers do the same. But for us, no one ever loved my brother and me the way she did. Behind her beautiful smile was an unconditional and eternal love, yes eternal because even though she is no longer with me physically, she still loves even more from heaven, where I am absolutely sure she is now. The truth is that if a woman like her is not there, we are all in trouble.

I knew my mother my entire life, and my earliest memories are of my love for her. Some people say that when you lose someone it is then that you appreciate what you had; this is not the case for me, for I always knew the gift I had since my childhood, and I always loved her with all my heart. I cannot understand how God could give me so much love from her. I did not choose my mother; it was God who chose that wonderful woman to be my mother, but if I had to choose, I would again choose her a thousand times more without changing her in any way.

I am sorry that you did not the opportunity to meet her, and to experience her strong determination, her strength to overcame difficulties, her love that goes beyond any other. She was defined not by her work or even by her sufferings, but by her motherhood. Her life and her happiness was to be a mother, that kind of woman that lives for her children. The love of her life was my bother and myself.

Sometimes I think how much I love my mother, and it is a lot, but then immediately I look to her and see that my love is just a weak reflection of the immense love she had for my brother and me.

At this time I thank you for all of your prayers. I pray that your mother has loved you as I have been loved, and that you love your mother in the way I still love mine. And I pray that God has blessed you with a mother like mine.

Fr. Sergio, My mother’s son