New Year!!!


We cannot start a new year without finishing the past year. This means that we have to remember the events and the people that were a part of our lives these last twelve months.  Some of us have lost some one, others welcomed new lives to the world, others met new people…and for all of this we should give thanks.


If, for some reason, we wronged anyone in the last year, we have to ask for forgiveness, learn from our mistakes and move on, to a become better persons.


The New Year is a great time for commitments and resolutions, but it is also a time in which we experience the absence of people who are no longer with us and, for some, this is most difficult. Yet we should know that even when we experience loneliness, the good Lord is always with us. And our memories should help us to continue to live in hope and in thanksgiving for the gift of the love our departed relatives and friends shared to us.


Some people may have lost their jobs in the past year. Please do not be discouraged, for this New Year is a time to start again, to be strong, and to ask the Lord for help and courage. We pray for you.


Simple days like all others, the last and the first days of this year, will help us to change as the year changes. It will help us to live more closely to God, to become better persons. Sometimes I think that if every year we walk a step close to God, “just one steep,” imagine how close we will be after 20, 30, 40, or 50 years! If we work on just one thing each year in our spiritual life, how soon and how fast can we become better persons!


Please join me in giving thanks for the year 2013 and to pray to God and ask for blessings in 2014. I know that you may be tired after your New Year’s Eve celebrations, but if you want to start the year in prayer, I invite you to join me in our New Year’s Day Mass on January 1st at 9:00 am.


To all of you I offer thanks for the year that we walked together and for of all the blessings yet to come in 2014….Happy New Year!