Happy Mothers day

This is a day of celebration for all of us, be- cause we all have mothers; some are here be- side us, while others are with the Lord, watch- ing over us.

I have met many mothers and in each one I have seen the deepest love she has for her children, a love that cannot be taught or learned. Then I ask myself how it is that moth- ers became like this. Some people contend that it is a gift given to them at the moment they became mothers, others believe that a mother’s heart is so great that she gives herself to others.

I believe that it is both of these, plus the divine presence among us. Jesus’ teaching about love is this: Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (Jn 15:13). And mothers are the perfect example of this: each is an amazing woman who always thinks first of her children; her life is dedicated to them, for children are a mother’s joy and hap- piness.

The sacrifice and the patience they have with their children is something I am still trying to un- derstand, for they have no limits. And what is most amazing is that we may have found a person who will be able to do all those things, while expecting nothing for herself. The only reward that may await is not for themselves, but for their children’s welfare and happiness. Indeed, their love for their children is so great that they become the focus of their mother’s lives.

Today we celebrate their day. Yet mothers de- serve all the days of the year, and not just this one. Also today we give them gifts, some beautiful ones. Do we really understand that the real gift is not what we do, but the way we live? We can buy flowers, a card, prepare a dinner, gather the family for her… and many other things that are great. But the real gift is our happiness. When they see us happy (in the whole sense of the word) then we have given to our mother an incomparable gift.

At some time in our lives, each of us needs to sit with our mother and give her thanks for all that she has done for us, asking for forgiveness for the times we have not appreciated her self- giving love for us. We do this not because our mothers need it, but because we need to ex- press the love we have for them. And when that time comes that we are separated, we should never wish we had, but did not, share with them the depths of our love for our moth- ers.

To those who still have your mother alive, please give her a hug and say: “Mother, I will never have your heart but I will love you as much I can.” For the rest of us… in heaven our mothers know everything… we do not need words, but we still make them proud with a holy and happy way of life.

My best wishes for all the mothers, may the lord continue to bless you all for the gift each one of you is to the world.

– Fr. Sergio