Oh Lord, Give them Eternal Rest

 Each one of us, in different moments of our lives, has been or will be touched by death. We lose beloved ones and, one day, we ourselves will experience that encounter with God. Meanwhile, we wait and try to understand the mystery of death, as we also strive to discover the meaning of our own lives in the present time.

Why do some of us live longer, or why are we healthier than others? These are questions that we should try to answer, for each day that is given to us is a gift that we should appreciate and use wisely.

All who are now with the Lord will one day open the gates of Paradise for us, to live forever with them. For now, we still have hope and faith that we will see them again, and that as we live and move in this world, our true home is not here; it is heaven.

When we remember those who have already entered heaven, sadness could fill our hearts because of their absence; yet we should also reflect the joy of all the wonderful moments we shared with them, moments that are just a glance of what it will be like in heaven.

Sometimes it is toward the end of events that we start to appreciate or understand them. The same happens in life: when we are young we are not always aware of the very gift that youth is; only in growing older can we really understand it. Life is the gift that we have since the beginning, and sometimes we just exist, while at other times we became truly conscious of the wonderful gift that we possess.

Today we remember all of those who shared their lives with us. Whether short or long, they touched our lives in ways only each one of us – and no one else – can know or understand. We remember them not because they died, but because they lived.

After we have worked in the vineyard of the Lord, after we have lived a life in its fullness here on earth, we will hear the voice of Christ, as have many others before us: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” This is the rest that our beloved ones share now with the Lord. One day we will all be with them forever in that place in which the happiness of this world will be overshadowed by endless joy.

May the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen