One Hundred Years Later

During this last year, you have likely heard that we celebrating 100 years as a parish. I have personally witnessed only 2% of that time, since I have served only two years in this parish. Many of you have seen the life of Saint Martin of Tours for as many as 50 years; others, more years or less. You have not been witnesses to the life of our parish as spectators would, but you have been and continue to be active participants in our community of faith.

In this hundred years of history had been many people, some of them religious, clergy and lay people who were the founders of Saint Martin a century ago are already with the Lord. We knew some of them, or we know their names; others have disappeared, forgotten with the passing of time.

I ask that when you come to church each week, take a moment to look around, and see all that we have here, so much that we often take for granted, and gain a new appreciation for the gifts we share. Then say a prayer of thanks for those who made this possible.

Please do not look only at the material things, but also at the people, for they are what is most important in our parish. For example, the lectors who now proclaim the Word of God for us, the Eucharistic ministers, the ushers, the choir, they, they are the people who minister to us today, but they were not here from the beginning and will not always be here. As you remember the lectors who proclaimed the Word in the past, please pray for them. In the future, others – perhaps you or your children – will be entrusted with this and every other ministry.

Let us together look toward the past and give thanks for what we have received, and looking toward the future, let us ask for all our that our community needs.

As a living community, we cannot dwell upon our consideration of the past.   Nor can we simply dream about the future. Ours is the responsibility to make history right now, in this moment. Now is the moment that is given to us to continue the work of those many who have gone before us. Each person shares in the opportunity to make a difference in the life of our parish.

Many of you have been very generous in our Centennial Capital Campaign, for which I am deeply grateful. Now I ask that you share the gifts of yourselves with us, to participate in one or more of the many ministries of Saint Martin Parish. I can assure you that when we are involved, everything is different. The Mass in which we are lectors, or at which we are members of the choir or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion or ushers, or the Mass your children assist as altar servers: somehow that Mass is different, because we are truly a part of it.

Long ago, people like us built and served this parish. One hundred years later, I am asking you to be part of this community, to get involved in some of the parish’s many ministries, to create a legacy for those generations still to come.

Fr. Sergio