Pastoral Council ?

I do not know if many of you realize that we do not have a pastoral council in our parish. After a year at Saint Martin, I think it would be very helpful to me if we were to re-establish the pastoral council. It is for this reason that I am appealing to you. I need your help to nominate some parishioners for this service. In order to help you to identify the right person(s), I am including here a few words about the purpose of the council and the criteria for the membership.

1. Purpose:

“The purpose of the parish pastoral council is to investigate pastoral matters, to consider them thoroughly, and to propose practical conclusions about them. The council’s task is, first of all, to study those matters brought to its attention and shed light on them. Its second task is to reflect on them thoroughly, to discern their true nature, to evaluate and to ponder them. Its final task is to draw sound conclusions. The council presents these conclusions to the pastor in the form of recommendations. This threefold task of the council – investigating, considering, and recommending conclusions – is called pastoral planning. After the pastor has accepted the recommendations of the council, he directs their implementation. Council members may assist him, but strictly speaking, implementation is the responsibility of the pastor, not the council.”

2. Criteria of the Membership

“Pastoral council members are chosen, above all, for their ability to accomplish the main task of the council – the work of investigating, considering, and recommending practical conclusions. They are baptized Catholics, in good standing with the Church, who reflect the parish’s various neighborhoods, social and professional groups, and apostolates. Finally, they are parishioners noted for their faith, good morals, and prudence.”

I am asking you to nominate the person(s) you think would be a good asset as a member of our pastoral council. Please send an Email: Fr. Sergio Ovando, or just drop a letter at the office, to my attention, giving me the name or names, the reasons you think your nominee(s) will be suitable for the council, and the parish group, age or movement that he or she represents.
Thanks !!