Every parish should have a plan of action, a plan that will show what we are doing and where we would like to go. Our Pastoral Council has begun to work on a plan. For this reason, I am pleased to present to you this message from Saint Martin’s Pastoral Council:

Our Parish has begun the development of a three-year strategic pastoral plan with the goal of having the plan in place by March 1, 2016. This plan will provide a tool to establish and communicate a vision of where we can be as a spiritual community in the years to come. With the capital campaign behind us, it is important that we look to the spiritual life of the Body of Christ that is Saint Martin’s community. The plan will allow us to focus our precious resources of time, talent and treasure on the things we collectively agree upon as our priorities as a welcoming community that is intent on spreading the good news of the Gospel among our parishioners and reaching out to witness our faith.

Father Sergio has been meeting with the Pastoral Council on some preliminary work to establish a vision and to develop possible goals. The next step is for those goals to be refined with the help of more parishioners and then to present them to the community for their comments, suggestions, and hopeful approval. The preliminary goals include issues such as welcoming, engaging more parishioners more actively, evangelizing, outreach as we witness our faith and support of each person’s faith journey. Once we have everyone’s clearunderstanding of our goals, those goals will be planned out for implementation; each parishioner will be asked to help as he or she is able. We look forward to working with you on this important endeavor that will allow us to nurture and grow our community in its faith journey.We will soon be updating you on the next steps.

-Fr. Sergio