Peace Be With You

Jesus’ greeting is the desire for his disciples but also peace is the effect of his resurrection. A long time ago St. Augustine gave us a wise and complete definition of peace: tranquillitas ordinis, which means “tranquility of order.” The tranquility of order brings peace. Jesus resurrection had brought peace to the World, reconciling us with God and with one another, if we follow his teachings.

All what could be wrong in us and in the world, is because we are not open to the peace that Jesus gives us. To work for peace, we need to work on our virtues at the personal and communal level. Any other attempt to have peace without virtues is merely temporary, and does not resolve the real problem.

Our Pope mentioned year ago that we cannot sow peace without humility. Where there is arrogance, there is always war and the desire to defeat the other and believing one is superior. Without humility, there is no peace and without peace, there is no unity. (Pope Francis – October 21, 2016) Therefore, we need to understand that peace is not just a nice desire, it is the result of the teachings, passion and death of Christ, it is the main consequence of his Resurrection, and is what we all need to aspire and work for.

Imagine for a moment peace in our lives, where there is no hate, no rivalry, and in a world without not war. If all people in the world are affected by the gospel of salvation, everything would be different. We know that that is not happening. But this knowledge should not stop us to try to receive and to share the peace of Christ with others. He died that we can live. He suffered the consequences of violence that we may live in peace.

His sacrifice cannot and should not be in vain. And we can work for peace, with humility, gentleness, mutual support, and magnanimity: “The mystery of the Church is the mystery of the Body of Christ: ‘one faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all’ and who works ‘through all and in all:’ this is the unity that Jesus asked the Father to grant us and we must help create this unity with the bond of peace. And the bond of peace grows with humility, with gentleness and mutual support and with magnanimity.” (Pope Francis – October 21, 2016)

My dear brothers and sisters, for us, “Peace be with you” is more than a greeting, it is a way of life, the life the Jesus gives thru his resurrection.

-Fr. Sergio