The wonderful Gospel we have today is a story that recounts the miracle in which a man recovers his sight. What is not obvious in the Gospel is that together with the gift of sight, Jesus gives to this man the ability to see him. 

In the same way that many people in Jesus’ time were not able to see who Jesus really was; this blind man faces this difficulty as well.  There is a progression in the way he sees Jesus.

First, before he could see the savior, when he was asked about who cured him, he answered: The man called Jesus made clay and anointed my eyes and told mehe has the knowledge that anyone had. Jesus is just “a man”. Our blind man is not alone in this statement. You may have heard that some people consider Jesus, just a man, a good man, but not more than that. Maybe because their inability to see beyond the appearances, and to see that a simple man cannot do the thing Jesus did. 

Later, confronted with the reality of the miracle performed in him, he stated: He is a prophet His vision started to improve, to recognize and accept that miracles like that cannot be performed by someone who is just a man. The divine element must be present, and the way to see God is in a prophet, in some one who because his devotion was heard by God. The truth is that when you follow the logic of the events, you arrive at the same conclusion,that God is with that person who made the blind see. 

It is finally in the personal encounter of Jesus that he sees more than what eyes can see, what is precisely what we call faith. He recognizes in Jesus, not just a man, not just a prophet, but the Son of Man, because we have seen him. It is in that dialog that he is lead to see, but it is “his” decision to accept, to believe and to worship him. 

Every one of us is called to experience this vision, a vision that sometimes started with the simple notions about our Savior, but because, he had touched our lives in some way and we move more and more close to him. Like the blind man we see him, we hear his voice, and we recognize Jesus as the one who has done great things for us, and we believe.