This is the question that many may have, especially in moments of need. Where is God? Does He not Care?… The situation of the Apostles in the gospel today shows us something similar to what we can experience in some moments in our lives.

When you read the gospel and see the storm, the water filling up the boat and Jesus sleeping … Don’t you see something odd there? How is it possible to sleep during a storm? Maybe that is the key to understanding the message of today’s gospel, as well as the way God is present in our world…The idea of God sleeping when his people suffer is one of the most common arguments of those who denied the existence of God, or make Him a God that does not care. In the gospel itself, this idea is proposed by the Apostles to Jesus Himself, Teacher, do you not care… and also is the question that we ask ourselves when we need Him and He seems to be absent from our lives.

Let us take a moment to analyze the gospel. The possibility of Jesus sleeping during the storm is very unrealistic. Nevertheless, considering that the gospel presented Him like that, we have to assume there is a reason for that. The idea of God sleeping is contrary to the Old Testaments beliefs: He who ·guards Israel, never rests or sleeps (Ps 121:4). Why then does the gospel present Jesus that way? When the gospel was written, people saw themselves in the situation of the Disciples because of the persecutions of the time. This also applies to us when we feel that the burden is so heavy that we can perish. Precisely in the moment when we need to invoke the Lord, we need to ask Him to help us. The message for all those who in the time the gospel was written was that they will never think that the Lord has abandoned them and that even though He seems asleep, He is there with you. Even if you don’t hear His voice, He is always there and always will be.

That is not clear until the end. He did not ask why you did not wake me up earlier, but Heasked about their fears and their faith. Then He asked them, “Why are you terrified? Doyou not yet have faith?” The emphasis on the question should be put on the relationship between fear and faith, they don’t go together, faith dispels all fear. However, a real faith, which in the case of the Apostles, doesn’t exist yet…not yet. The certainty that our faith gives to us is more than a feeling. It gives us the strength we need to live in this world and overcome every problem and every fear with the assurance that God is always with us.

-Fr. Sergio