Mark’s Gospel is very short in describing the time of Jesus in the Desert, a moment from which the tradition of the church had taken the idea of this time of Lent.  However, for as short that Mark’s narration could be, it provides us with the fundamental elements to reflect in this Lenten season.

  • The Spirit drove Jesus: The things that we are doing in Lent should be things that we believe God is asking from us, not just some random denial of things we like. Being moved by the spirit means that we are looking to do something that will help not only our personal sanctification but also help others.
  • into the desert: In this time of Lent, we should look and find a place of solitude and in the silence of that place, reflect about our lives, about God, our families, friends all thing should be consider according to the salvation. That is how I, you, they can become better human beings, better believers, better Catholics. Especially in the noise in which we live, please find the time and the place for that solitude.
  • for forty days: the time of Lent, is 40 days, following the tradition of the 40 days of Jesus in the desert, the 40 days of Elijah searching for God, the 40 years of The Hebrew people in the desert. This is an intensive time to work in our soul. It is only when we take this time with the dedication and seriousness that it demands, that we can profit and fully live the Holy week that closes this time of preparation.
  • tempted by Satan: One of the consequences of following Jesus in this time of Lent and in life is that we will be tempted. We will be tempted to abandon what we decide in the beginning of Lent. In life we will be tempted to leave behind our baptismal promises, or our commitment to our parish. But we need to understand the temptation to abandon something is a good sign. A sign of what we are doing is correct, otherwise why would we be tempted if it was not. Perseverance in goodness and holiness is what we need in life and in this time of Lent. Please do not abandon your Lenten resolutions. Write them down so that in the middle of Lent you might not be tempted to forget and to think that was not what you indented.

If we apply ourselves in this Lent, little by little we will be closer and closer to God. May the Lord bless you all in this time of lent and give to each one of you his grace and strength to live in fullness.


Fr. Sergio