As I leave, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your continual support and love for the last 6 years. Yes! it has been 6 years and it has passed so fast. Seems like yesterday when I introduced myself to you.

Our staff here at St. Martin’s has been for me a gift. In all this time, it has been a pleasure to work with our staff. Each one of them has always done more than their job demands.  They have gone beyond what anyone could have expected. My gratitude to them.

I know you love Fr. Abe. I love him too and he is and will always be for me an example of dedication and service to those in need.  In all my time here, he has been a great companion and an inspiration of what a priest should be.

We have worked together with the Pastoral Council and the Financial Council. They have been a great help for me in this time, sharing with me their points of view, ideas and support in everything we have done in the parish.

Our school is a vibrant community, the children are a gift to our parish.  I am grateful to the school staff and the parents for their continual collaboration. I love every single minute spent in the school, and how the teachers have welcomed our visits to the classrooms.

I am appreciative to all the different groups in the parish: Men’s Club, Lady’s Guild, Scouts, to the lectors, ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, musicians, and to all of you who come to Mass every day, every Sunday, and for those who help and support the parish from home, for their presence, work, support and collaboration.

Looking back at my time here, I can say that this community is great in itself and has been to me. I have had the opportunity to get to know, understand and love many of you. I hope that my presence here changed a little in your life and got you closer to Jesus. I don’t know how much I have done but I hope I have done something that has affected  your life for the better. I do know how much you have done for me and for this community. For all of that, I am thankful.

I know that I have asked you for many things during my time here. I would like to ask one more thing: I want to ask for your full support, respect and affection to your new pastor.

Many of you have told me “you are leaving us” . The truth is that I will never leave you. I am just moving to another place, and I will take with me beautiful memories and experiences from these great 6 years, and I will keep this parish and each one of you in my heart forever.

-Fr. Sergio