I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is one of the celebrations that I really love because it unites families, makes us count our blessings and give thanks for them.  On this day, we give thanks for many things. I would like to propose to you to meditate and give thanks especially for the gift of faith and family.

Give thanks for your faith

Why faith? Because it is one of the gifts with which we live, a gift that gives us hope in adversity, strength in difficult moments, and most of all, gives us a sense to our life and existence. And since faith is not something that we see, or touch, sometimes it is difficult to appreciate. Faith is one of those gifts that we use all the time, but we only realize that we have it when we see other people without it, or because some thing happened to us and we realize that our faith is not too strong.

It is like our vision that we use all the time, but we don’t reflect that we have that ability until we see a blind person, or when we get hurt and we are not able to see correctly.  It is only then that we realize how precious the gift of vision is. Our faith is the same.   It is in contact with others that we realize how powerful or weak our faith is. All of you who read this and worship together with me at St. Martin share a faith that not only makes us better as an individual, but also make us a better community. Your faith, like mine, is a gift, a beautiful gift that when present transforms everything. And for that I ask you to give thanks.

Give thanks for your family

Family… what a gift… I have been blessed here at St. Martin to know so many great families, and for that I am grateful. But I would like you to give thanks for your own family.  Some families are great, others are not. Some of you have a nice family, others do not. For those of you who have family, this is the time to appreciate how important they are in our life. The members of our families are not perfect, neither are we. But we have them.

One thing that I always say to those who start a new family is that you need to give thanks for the family you have grown up with and to look at the great things you admire and make them better in your own family. At the same time, see the flaws and try hard to not imitate or repeat them. Imagine if everyone would do this, how families will be better and better every time.  How many people don’t have families, how many in this Thanksgiving Day don’t have a person to share a meal, and give thanks together. You have it! Then appreciate the gift of family and give thanks for it.  And if you know someone that doesn’t have a family… open the doors of your family and share with them the gift you have received.

When we are giving thanks for our faith and family we need to remember that those gifts need to be treasured.  We need to ask the Lord to make our faith stronger and deeper. And we need to continue to work in our families so that they will reflect the kindness and love each one of us is called to have, and most importantly that they will always find in love and Faith.

Happy Thanksgiving..!!!