The Christmas Message


First at all, I would like to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas.  But, saying that, I would like to explain what “Merry Christmas” means to me.

The first Christmas gave the world of Jesus’ day a time of peace, a time in which there were no wars.  When Jesus was born, it truly was a night of peace. With that in mind, “Merry Christmas“ for us is the hope that we can we overcome everything that can diminish peace from our lives, our homes,  and our families, and embrace each of those individuals who have not been the bearers of peace in our lives.. May Jesus, the Prince of Peace, fill your hearts with His peace.

When Jesus was born, attention was not given to the town of His Birth, or the visitors He received, but to the One who was born; nothing else was important for His family. When I wish you a Merry Christmas, that is what I hope for you on this day: May all of us focus on Jesus, because it is He who gave the unity that kept the Holy Family one in His love, the love of God. In the same way, each family in this community should be united in the truth and everlasting love that God has shown forth in Jesus.

Jesus’ birth is one of the most amazing contradictions in the way we see things, for it teaches us that things are not always what they seem. The powerless Child is indeed the Creator of the whole universe; the Child, who is yet unable to express words, is the One who gives the words of eternal life to all. In that sense, saying “Merry Christmas” is to wish that each one of us will able to see beyond what we normally see, that each one of us will transcend the appearance of the world to see things in life how truly are.  He is more than a Child born for us, for that Birth is the moment God has touched the history of humanity and since then, nothing can be the same, because we were then – and are still now – touched by God.

In the end, “Merry Christmas” reminds us that everything happened for us. To understand that if you or I were the only person in the world, God would still come to us in Jesus.

Merry Christmas is my wish for you that Child born for us will grow in our hearts more and more until each of us becomes the image of the One who loves us and gave His Son for us.