In life, we might have a moment, an event, a person, that has touched our life in some way that it will never be the same. Sometimes we expect and prepare ourselves for that moment, sometimes we don’t.

There is nothing that changes one’s life so much than a child.  Every parent, but especially mothers are touched by the life of sons-daughters in some way that from the moment of conception their life is changed forever. There is the waiting, the preparation, and the worries to have everything ready for the moment the child is born.

The birth of a child is the moment that everyone marks as the moment that changes their life forever. There is that moment, and also the life after that. The person who changed the life of parents doesn’t vanish but continues touching and changing the life of the parents.

In Bethlehem, Jesus child touched the life of Mary. This is the moment for which she had prepared for nine months, and that is the moment that her life changed forever.  Since then, her life was united to Jesus. No matter how old her son was, or how far away.  He can be, that union would never be ended. Even in Jesus’ death she will be forever his mother. Where ever she goes, and whatever she does, she will carry her motherhood with her. She will always be Jesus’ mother.

As we prepare to receive Jesus, it is my longing that He will touch your lives in some way that even after the celebration of his birthday, you will remain united with him. I believe that this is how Jesus transforms our lives, and this is the moment that could and should mark our lives forever.  Any other way to celebrate Christmas is incomplete if it doesn’t transcend the specific moment, and continue to affect us in the same way that the birth had changed the world, not just in His time 2000 years ago, but since then until today and for many years to come.

What we celebrate is that Jesus is born for me, for you, for the whole world. The reason why we continue to celebrate is because after His birth, many have united their life to his, and the event that took place in that specific moment of the history of the world, is now something from today. It is today that He touches our lives, becoming man, Jesus enters the world and gives humanity the strength to walk with him and to live the present moment “in a new way,” (Pope Frances).

My dear brothers and sisters, we who celebrate Christmas know that this child had brought hope to the whole world hope for humanity. Specially in times that we might see that so many things are wrong in the world, Jesus as a child is born for us, giving us a message of hope, peace, salvation and unity for each of us, and for the World.

Finally, when I wish you a Merry Christmas, I mean that this child birth will become for you: the event that marked our life forever.

            Merry Christmas and many blessings.