The Holy Family

Immediately after the birth of Jesus, the liturgy proposes to us to meditate about Jesus’ Family, the Holy Family. Even though God’s omnipotence doesn’t need a family, he chose to have one and to be surrounded by it for many years to show us the importance of family in our lives.

When we look to the Holy Family, we also need to take a look to our own family that might not be so holy or perfect like that one, but It is ours and that makes the whole difference. Our families are those given to us by God, to help us and to walk with  us in life toward heaven.

In this day that we celebrate Jesus’ family, we also need to celebrate and value ours. Are they perfect? Maybe not, but we love them with extraordinary love, ready to forgive and to be united with them for life.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters… all these relationships are the ones that will remain forever. What I would like to ask you, to all of you who have families, especially to those in charge of the families (parents), is to imitate the Holy Family in two things.

The first one is: to go as the Holy Family in today’s gospel, to the temple. That means for you to participate as a family in the liturgy of the Eucharist, and to do that often. It is a great example to show your children how important the Sunday Mass Is and also how important It is to participate as a family.

The other thing I believe that is also necessary is to pray, and to pray as a family at home. There are many things that you do as a family: trips, events, sports, movies, etc… but praying together as family is priceless. In doing that, not only do you show how important it is to raise our voices, your voices to the Lord in prayer, but also you mark the importance of the unity in the family in things that are spiritual.

For those who are just starting your family, I would council that you look at the family that you were raised in, and imitate all the best things you saw there. In your own new family, think about the things that you might believe were missed, and try to integrate into your new family. Maybe if many do that, with time we will have the children be better because of the education and faith that they receive from their parents, and as a consequence better future families.

May the Holy Family be an example and protection to all of you.

– Fr. Sergio