We have heard in today’s gospel passage how the evangelist Mark presents two distinct aspects of the Kingdom of God, each with a parable. The first parable presents the action of a man who sows seeds that sprout and grow, without his understanding how this occurs. This is how God’s Reign is introduced in the lives of people. Faith is the seed that is sown through preaching, or the example of others or in various ways that it is planted in our hearts; it is the mystery of the growth in faith that the gospel portrays. We do not know how it grows. This passage explains how important it is to plant the seeds of faith in everyone, so as to let the grace of God work in them. The thought comes to my mind about many who have received the seeds of faith yet do not bear fruit. Some of our friends or relatives who received the same Catholic education that we received, or who grew up in the same family, but do not have in
them the Kingdom of God. We should continue to pray that they would allow that seed to take root within them. For some, this takes more time. We should pray that they will open their hearts and their lives to the
Reign of God.

The parable of the mustard seed attempts to explain how the largest of plants can spring from the smallest seeds. At times, the Kingdom of God may seem not as important as other concerns. That happens with faith, that while we try to achieve many things in life, sometimes we forget what is important. Moreover, it is in the moments of need that we realize how important our faith is and how the reality of the Kingdom of God supports our whole life. The importance of the Kingdom of God can be underestimated or unappreciated, especially at the start of our journey.
Later in life, however, we learn that the seed of faith was a wonderful beginning of something beautiful that the Lord had begun in us.

Dear brothers and sisters, we need to be aware of the importance of the seed of faith in others and also to understand that even that which seems insignificant has the power to become the essence of who we are. It is then that the Kingdom of God is present in the world and present in your
lives, through you.

-Fr. Sergio