We are close to the celebration of all saints. Sometimes people might be focus in the hallowing costumes and parties, and forgot about the saints.

Who are the Saints? I remember that in my childhood my teachers and adult people close to me, insisted that  we ( I) was called to be a saint. At that time the dreams of a teenager where others, but because my the understanding of holiness was wrong. Maybe because we see the saint as someone so special that is so far away from us.  When on the contrary we should see the saint close to us, and we should see the saint as the ones who excel in everything they did, the kind of people that always in everything gave their best. Their best also was not the best according to the world, but according to God and themselves.

Saints are people like us, with limitations, sufferings, struggles, imperfections and sins… but with an immense love for God, and in the end, we know that is love what move us, the most powerful force in the World. Their love make then, overcome every single obstacle between then and God. Some of then you may know because of the fame, created around the miracles the make when they were alive, but many of them are not known to us, because their great miracle was the simplicity of a life pleasing to the One they love God, or serving in places no one ever knew.

They are many saint, many canonized by the church and propose to us as a model to imitate, many other who live a holy life but since no one knows them or about them were never elevate to the glory of the altars, some of them maybe were our grandparents, friends that are with the Lord now, whose heroic virtues are known only to a few.  Some Saint walk among us, maybe the worship with us and we don’t know.

“Their existence tells us above all that Christian life isn’t an unattainable ideal. And together, they comfort us: We are not alone, the church is made up of innumerable brothers and sisters, often anonymous, who have preceded us and who, through the action of the Holy Spirit, are involved in the affairs of those who still live here,” (Pope Francis)

I believe that each one of us is called to be a saint, to live a holy life, to practice virtues, to do everything to be close to God.  It is doing that that we can achieved the full potential of our all existence. There is one called that we all share: the call to holiness.

It is when we become a saint, we change the world because we really make a difference, a real difference.  We become the presence of God in this order.


-Fr.  Sergio