The Answer of Peter could be explained under different aspects. Some can focus on the divinity of Christ, while others can focus on the person of the Messiah. I would like to reflect on one part of that expression.  Sometimes we forget and are not aware that the God that sent Jesus, the father of Jesus, is a “Living God”.

Our God is alive.

Psalm 42:2 expresses the desire to be with God who is alive. It is for this reason, those who believe in God, should be as alive as He is.  The expression that applies to Jesus as the Son of the living God also applies to us.   We are the sons and daughters of the living God.

To be alive in the Christian understanding is more than just breath, it is the conciseness of being alive, and to live a life in all its fullness.  We believers should be people passionate for life. You might hear the phrase: “She/He is the life of the party”.  Well with all the differences, we Christian people should be the life of all the places they are in: work, school, social. We should be the  “life” of the people that surround us. Places and people should feel alive with our presence; everything should be transformed because of our belief and because of the way we live with the fullness of life.

Jesus died, but that is not the end of the story. He died so that we may live. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and our ancestors (cf. Mt 22:32) because they all had life. For us to live is to act (to do good), to talk (to pray), to rejoice that our redeemer lives and we live because of Him.

My dear brothers and sisters… “Live”! And in living, change this world, putting life where there is death, physical or spiritual, putting joy where there is sadness.  We have a Father not only who is alive but that gave life to every thing that exists.  Because of his Son we are able to live now, in this world with the anticipation of the endless life that continues in heaven.


-Fr. Sergio